Kitchen & Bath Design News Highlights Hanex Solid Surfaces

Kitchen & Bath Design News featured Hanex Solid Surfaces’ Stratum Collection in their New Products section. Read more...

June 12, 2017

HanStone’s Cascina Collection Highlighted in PRODUCTS Magazine

PRODUCTS Magazine included HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection in their article about the coolest new surfacing products. Read more...

June 09, 2017

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces Announces Hanwha’s New Ohio Warehouse

ISFA’s Countertops & Architectural Surfaces’ features the opening of Hanwha’s new Columbus Ohio warehouse and showroom. Read more...

June 09, 2017


Qualified Remodeler Highlights HanStone’s Cascina Collection

In the farmhouse renovation issue, Qualified Remodeler featured HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection. ...

May 23, 2017

Kitchen & Bath Business Announces Hanwha’s New Warehouse

Industry publication Kitchen & Bath Business wrote an article about Hanwha’s new Ohio Showroom and Warehouse to support their increased North American Production. Read more...

May 05, 2017


HanStone Quartz is Featured in WCF Courier’s Renovation Story

The WCF Courier highlighted HanStone Quartz in a story about a lake house renovation in Iowa. ...

April 04, 2017


Style Blueprint Highlights Kitchen with HanStone Quartz

Lifestyle publicationSB, Style Blueprint features a beautiful kitchen with HanStone Quartz countertops. Read more...

March 29, 2017

Stone Update Announces Hanwha Surfaces’ New Ohio Warehouse

The countertop industry Stone Update featured a story about Hanwha Surfaces opening a new warehouse and showroom in Columbus, Ohio. Read more...

March 29, 2017

Laurel Home Names HanStone’s Campina as Marble Alternative

The Interior Design blog Laurel Home recommends HanStone Quartz’s Campina, from its acclaimed Cascina Collection, as a durable product to replicate the look of natural marble. Read more...

March 13, 2017

CountertopIQ Announces Hanwha’s New Ohio Warehouse

Industry publication, CountertopIQ, featured a story about Hanwha Surfaces new Columbus, Ohio Warehouse. Read more...

March 07, 2017


HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection Featured in Qualified Remodeler

The Cascina Collection by HanStone Quartz is highlighted in Qualified Remodeler’s New Products Section. Read more...

February 16, 2017

Modern Luxury Highlights Remodel With HanStone Quartz

The San Francisco design publication, Modern Luxury features extensive remodel with two contrasting HanStone Quartz products on the kitchen island and backsplash. Read more...

February 07, 2017


HanStone Quartz Featured in VMSD’s Annual Lookbook

Retail design source, VMSD highlighted HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection in the “Material World” feature in their annual lookbook. Read more...

January 19, 2017

Commercial Construction & Renovation Profiles HanStone Quartz’s Transitional Modern Products

Industry publication Commercial Construction & Renovation highlights HanStone’s on-trend, transitional modern styles in a news item. Read more...

January 02, 2017


Countertop Resources Announces Hanex’s Stratum Collection

The industry publication Countertop Resources profiles Hanex Solid Surfaces’ new Stratum Collection in a newsletter. Read more...

December 19, 2016

Qualified Remodeler Selects A HanStone Quartz Kitchen For Master Design Award

A kitchen featuring HanStone Quartz’s Tranquility was selected by Qualified Remodeler as a Silver Medal winner of their 2016 Master Design Awards. Read more...

December 12, 2016

HanStone Quartz Named Top 10 Products of 2016 by House Designers

House Designers, the home design and buying guide, named HanStone Quartz one of its top 10 products of 2016 and highlighted the company’s Cascina Collection. Read more...

December 07, 2016


RV Daily Highlights Hanwha’s Participation in This Years RVIA Show

The RV Daily announces Hanwha Surfaces first ever participation in the RVIA show. Read more...

November 28, 2016

RV Business News Announces Hanwha Exhibiting at RVIA Show

The industry publication RV Business News writes a story about Hanwha join the 2016 RVIA show for the first time. Read more...

November 28, 2016

HanStone Quartz Featured in Kitchen & Bath Design News Countertop Issue

The reputable trade publication Kitchen & Bath Design News interviewed Hanwha Surfaces VP of Sales & Marketing Steve Becker about trends in the countertop market. Read more...

November 17, 2016


Stone Update Posts Article About Stephen Becker Joining the Hanwha Surfaces Team

Acclaimed industry publication Stone Update features Stephen Becker’s appointment as Hanwha Surfaces VP of Sales & Marketing. Read more...

October 24, 2016

HanStone Quartz is the Featured Product in The House Designers Newsletter

The House Designers highlights HanStone Quartz in an article about “How to Create a Kitchen with Stunning Surfaces.” Read more...

October 12, 2016

IIDEX adds HanStone Quartz to its THINK: Materia

The acclaimed IIDEX Library adds Savoy, Celestial and Smoke to its acclaimed THINK: Materia, its online directory of cutting edge materials. Read more...

October 11, 2016

Retrofit Magazine Features Hanex’s Stratum Collection

Industry publication Retrofit Magazine highlights Hanex Solid Surfaces’ Stratum Collection in their latest Products section. Read more...

October 06, 2016


Commercial Architecture Profiles HanStone’s Cascina Collection

Top industry publication Commercial Architecture highlights HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection in article about marble-inspired trends. Read more...

September 28, 2016

5820 Magazine Profiles a Fresh New Kitchen with HanStone Quartz

5820, Denver’s Mile High Magazine, included HanStone Quartz in a profile about a modern refresh of a Colorado home. Read more...

September 06, 2016


Retrofit Magazine Writes About HanStone’s New Massachusetts Warehouse

Retrofit Magazine covers HanStone Quartz’s new Springfield, MA warehouse, which was built to support the expansion of their direct distribution throughout New England and New York. Read more...

August 09, 2016

Qualified Remodeler Features HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection New Colors

The construction magazine Qualified Remodeler highlights HanStone Quartz’s new summer colors joining the marble-inspired Cascina Collection. Read more...

August 09, 2016

HanStone Quartz Featured on the Cover of Countertops & Architectural Surfaces

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces included HanStone Quartz’s Obsidian Black on the cover of their issue about recycled materials. Read more...

August 09, 2016


Retrofit Shows-Off HanStone Quartz’s New Cascina Collection

The renovation publication, Retrofit Magazine profiles the six, marble-inspired new colors. Read more...

July 14, 2016

HanStone’s Cascina Collection is Highlighted in the Journal of Light Construction

The Journal of Light Construction wrote about HanStone Quartz’s extended Cascina Collection and the new summer colors. ...

July 08, 2016

Countertop Resources Features HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection

The industry favorite Countertop Resources highlights HanStone’s brand new colors Cascina Collection Colors. Read more...

July 01, 2016


Interiors & Sources Highlight HanStone Quartz’s New Styles

Acclaimed design publication Interiors & Sources includes HanStone Quartz’s new styles in the Sources Spotlight section of their annual surfacing issue. ...

June 05, 2016


HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection Highlighted in CountertopIQ

CountertopIQ featured the second installment of HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection in their New Products section. ...

May 27, 2016

Stone World Announces HanStone Quartz’s New Colors

Stone World highlights HanStone Quartz’s new summer styles joining the acclaimed Cascina Collection. ...

May 26, 2016

Kitchen & Bath Design News Features HanStone Quartz’s New Colors

In their new product section, Kitchen & Bath Design News highlighted HanStone Quartz’s new spring colors. ...

May 25, 2016

HanStone Quartz’s New Colors Featured in Countertops & Architectural Surfaces

HanStone Quartz’s spring, modern colors highlighted in Product News of ISFA’s Countertops & Architectural Surfaces. ...

May 25, 2016


Stone Update Features HanStone’s New Spring Colors in Newsletter

Stone Update premieres HanStone Quartz’s brand new transitional modern hues in their industry newsletter.  ...

April 08, 2016


Kitchen & Bath Design News Highlight HanStone Quartz in Trend Story

KBDN speaks with Designer Teri Koss about why HanStone Quartz is her preferred materials for countertops.  ...

March 16, 2016

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces Writes about Hanwha’s New Colors

After visiting Hanwha’s booth at KBIS, Countertops & Architectural Surfaces Previews Hanwha’s new colors. ...

March 14, 2016

Stone Update Spreads the Word About Hanwha Surface’s Expanded Direct Distribution

Hanwha Surface’s expansion of Direct Distribution to New England, Ohio and Michigan is reported by Stone Update. ...

March 08, 2016

CountertopIQ Includes HanStone Quartz in Trend Story

CountertopIQ included HanStone Quartz’s Italian Waves in a story about marble-inspired quartz trends at KBIS 2016. ...

March 08, 2016

Hanwha Surfaces is Announces Expanded Direct Distribution

Commercial Construction and Renovation covers Hanwha Surfaces expanded Direct Distribution to New England, Ohio and Michigan. Read more...

March 04, 2016


Hanwha Surfaces Introduces ProductIQ to Their Brand New Colors at KBIS 2016

Hanwha’s VP of Marketing Bob Paradiso gives ProductIQ an exclusive sneak peek at their new North American made colors and styles at KBIS 2016. ...

February 02, 2016


Countertops & Architectural Surfaces includes HanStone Quartz in Product News

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces, the official publication of the ISFA, included HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection in their quarterly Product News article. Read more...

January 07, 2016

Cascina Collection Featured in VMSD’s Annual Look Book

VMSD, the leading publication in retail design, featured HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection as one of the best Materials of 2016. Read more...

January 07, 2016


Professional Remodeler Included HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection in Article About New Products

HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection is prominently featured in Professional Remodeler’s article about news in the surfacing industry....

December 15, 2015

HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection Featured in Composite World’s Trend Article

Composite World profiled HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection in an article about marble-inspired quartz. ...

December 15, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: Hotel Business Design featured the Cascina Collection in recent issue

Hospitality themed magazine, Hotel Business Design included HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection as a new product in December issue. Read more...

December 02, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: Stone World Announces the marble inspired Cascina Collection

Stone World, one of the industry’s top magazines for stone and tile design, wrote an article about HanStone Quartz’s new Cascina Collection. Read more...

December 02, 2015


CLIENT PRESS: The Houston Chronicle highlights HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection

Beauty & strength: recent article showcases HanStone Quartz’s marble-inspired collection. Read more...

November 30, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: Commercial Construction & Renovation covers HanStone Quartz’s expanded partnership with Stalwart Systems

Hanwha Surfaces expands coverage area to parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Kentucky through expanded relationship with Stalwart Systems. Read more...

November 30, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: Retrofit Magazine Features HanStone’s Cascina Collection in a Piece About Marble Trends

Retrofit Magazine highlights the Carrara Marble inspired Cascina Collection from HanStone Quartz in a recent article. Read more...

November 23, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: Slab & Sheet Features HanStone’s New Marble Inspired Collection

Slab & Sheet included HanStone Quartz’s new Cascina Collection in their coverage of new products for November.  ...

November 13, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: Countertop Resources Covers HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection

Countertop Resources covers the launch of HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection on their homepage in November of 2015. ...

November 09, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: HanStone Quartz Featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Atlanta Journal Constitution featured HanStone Quartz’s Swan Cotton countertops in new kitchen renovation. ...

November 09, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: Architects & Artisans covers the Launch of HanStone’s Cascina Collection

Architects & Artisans interviewed Hanwha Surfaces’ VP of Marketing Bob Paradiso about the benefits of the brand new Cascina Collection. ...

October 16, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: Hanwha Surfaces: Company Opens Direct Distribution Center in U.S.

Facilitiesnet posted the press release about the opening of Hanwha Surfaces’ brand new Direct Distribution Center in Philadelphia, PA. ...

October 16, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: HanStone Quartz Continues to Diversify Its Product Line

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces highlight HanStone Quartz’s new Cascina Collection in their 2015 Buyer’s Guide.  ...

October 12, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: Archello Covers HanStone Quartz’s Cascina Collection Launch

Archello, a product design website, featured HanStone Quartz’s brand new, marble-inspired Cascina Collection.   ...

October 12, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: South Korea company opens Direct Distribution Center in Philadelphia, PA

Intelligencer covers the opening of Hanwha Surfaces’ Direct Distribution Center in Philadelphia, PA. ...

October 08, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: South Korea company opens showroom in Montgomery Township

The Bucks County Courier Times covered the opening of Hanwha Surfaces’ new Philadelphia Warehouse and Showroom. ...

October 08, 2015

Opening of New Philadelphia Warehouse

Hanwha Surfaces Opens First Direct Distribution Center in the United States   The Opening of the Philadelphia, PA Facility Begins a Period of Unprecedented Growth for Hanwha Surfaces   ATLANTA, GA, October 7, 2015 -- Hanwha Surfaces, the American subsidiary of South Korean-based conglomerate Hanwha L&C | Surfaces, announced today the grand opening of their Direct Distribution Center...

October 07, 2015

Cascina Collection

HanStone Quartz Announces New Marble-Inspired Cascina Collection The Beauty of Marble. The Strength of Quartz   ATLANTA, GA October 12, 2015 -- HanStone Quartz diversifies it’s product line today with the launch of a new marble-inspired collection, a trend favored by designers and architects. The Cascina Collection, named for an ancient village in Tuscany, pays homage to the old...

October 05, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: New HanStone Colors Featured in Stone World Magazine

Two recently launched HanStone Quartz Marble-inspired colors were highlighted in a recent article from Stone World Magazine. ...

October 02, 2015


HanStone Quartz Continues to Diversify Its Product Line, Adding Two New Colors

HanStone Quartz Continues to Diversify Its Product Line, Adding Two New Colors More veining designs join HanStone Quartz’s extensive palette of colors ATLANTA, August 4, 2015 -- Hanwha Surfaces, the American subsidiary of South Korea-based Hanwha L&C announced today HanStone Quartz, the company’s premier quartz surfaces division, has added two new colors to its product line,...

August 04, 2015


CLIENT PRESS: HanStone Quartz Featured on Stone Update

More good press for Hanwha Surfaces’ premier quartz division, HanStone Quartz, which was featured on Stone Update’s website. ...

July 27, 2015

CLIENT PRESS: HanStone Quartz Mentioned on Control Design’s Website

Control Design, a popular publication for machine builders, featured the recent announcement of HanStone Quartz’s new partnership with distributor, Avanti Stones. ...

July 21, 2015

Avanti Stones - New HanStone Distributor

HanStone Quartz Expands Distribution in Southeastern U.S. to Meet Increasing Demand in Quartz Surfaces   Manufacturing Company Expands Territory Coverage by Partnering with Distributor, Avanti Stones   ATLANTA, July 15, 2015 -- Hanwha L&C | Surfaces, the American subsidiary of South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Corporation announced today HanStone Quartz, the company’s...

July 17, 2015


New Movimento Collection

HanStone Quartz Announces the Nature-Inspired Movimento Collection Graceful movement, wispy veining, ageless hues and timeless appeal dominate the new collection ATLANTA, GA January 20, 2015 -- HanStone Quartz brings the inspiration of nature to life today with a diverse collection of eight brand new product designs. The Movimento Collection celebrates the movement of the natural world. Made from...

January 22, 2015



HanStone Quartz Hanstone's newest designs are making an impact with an innovative combination of color, pattern and texture. These three products prove that HanStone's new designs are making a difference in expanding the use of quartz in commercial and residential applications. Bob Paradiso, VP of Sales and Marketing says "With the introduction of Fusion, Epic and Crimson, HanStone...

November 06, 2013


Hanex Solid Surfaces Sailing Through Work

Sailing Through Work HDR's new Kingston, Ontario office pays tribute to the firm's brand and the area's unique history through a refined storytelling approach. When designing its own office in downtown Kingston, Ontario, global architecture and design firm HDR gave itself one very specific task: representing its geographic location. Situated on the top floor of the Smith Robinson...

May 28, 2013

Hanwha L&C Canada is London's Featured Company (Sep 2012)

Hanwha L&C Canada London, ON (September, 2012) Hanwha L&C Canada has been named the recipient of London’s Featured Company Award for the month of September by the City of London and the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC). Growing steadily through business diversification since its launch in 1952, Hanwha Group is the 8th largest business conglomerate (asset...

May 23, 2013

Girl Cooks World Meets HanStone Tranquility

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to tell from the photo, but the Tranquility background is white, white, white.  It made Cambria Torquay, which I’d previously thought of as being very bright, look downright dingy in comparison.  Tranquility was totally free of those grey speckled resin bits that turn some people off from quartz, although it definitely may be too stark...

May 13, 2013


Kitchen & Bath Showcase Product - HanStone

HanStone Quartz This spring in May, Hanwha Surfaces L&C introduces two new enticing HanStone Quartz colors. Inspired from the fluidity of nature, Aramis and Tranquility set the tone for the highly anticipated 2013 fall product launch.  Aramis, with tones similar to concrete, is effortless, versatile and modern. Tranquility, with tones similar to the natural look of marble, is luxurious,...

April 15, 2013



Hanwha Surfaces introduces Mono Vista - One of the Eight New Colors for Early 2013...

February 12, 2013


Go Greener Event - HanStone Wins

Go Greener Event – HanStone Wins!! Our NY/Leeza Distributor specification rep, Debbie Sulewski, represented our HanStone product line at Spec Simple’s, Go Greener Event.  The event was held December 4th at the Dauphin Showroom and was an open forum of designers and manufacturers discussing the benefits of quartz sustainability.   Out of 6 quartz countertop...

January 08, 2013



Hanwha Surfaces introduces Meteorite - One of the New 6 Colors for Fall 2012...

November 01, 2012


Bringing Surfaces to Life

One of the booths I stopped at in the KBIS exhibit hall was Hanwha Surfaces.  Thay had a great display of their quartz material, Hanstone, and solid surface, Hanex.  They displayed a variety of new colors and eco friendly surfaces. Some of the solid surface test colors they were asking feedback on, with a reward of a starbucks giftcard on the spot! Among the new trendy they had a...

October 15, 2012

Trend Forecasting: Digital Surfaces to Transform Spatial Design

We're in the era of digital everything. Mobile phones made the shift from pixelated black-and-white screens to color displays only eight years ago, and today it seems as though you can access the entire world from the palm of your hand -- checking email, sharing photos, soliciting fashion advice in real-time, turning on and off lights, and even starting your car....

October 01, 2012


Quartz Takes the Stage at K/BIS

LAS VEGAS – Sure, there’s going to be griping and grumbling about giving the spotlight to products other than natural stone. However, when it comes to theKitchen and Bath Industry Show (K/BIS) this week, manufactured products took all the action. The number of stone vendors at this year’s big designer/distributor event really didn’t even amount to a handful among...

September 19, 2012

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

The counter material above is made of quartz, from HanStone Quartz. Models in front of three slabs of the product were reminiscent of the Chinese artist Liu Bolin, who hides in plain sight in his work. HanStone product designer Lisa Herreth said the idea was "to bring the surfaces to life." The models stood nearly still all day, and the muscles in their thighs were a testament to what...

September 12, 2012


HanStone Quartz Countertops From Hanwha L&C Surfaces

Hanwha L&C Surfaces. Bold shades of lime, plum, and aquamarine are included in the maker's newest HanStone Quartz color introductions. Royale Blanc (a pure white,) Limelight, Slice of Ice (shown), Purple Haze, and Ultra Violet were created to let designers create dramatic effects by blending bold tones into a variety of design styles and color palettes. Contact HanStone Quartz at...

June 12, 2012